Pipettes are widely used in a laboratory to measure small volumes of liquids while carrying out experiments. Researchers, very carefully, select the pipette that suits their needs, is ergonomic, and of high quality & performance. 

As a lot of thought is put into deciding the best model of the pipette, it is equally important to select the perfect tips for it. For the smooth functioning of a pipette, one must choose the tips that are chemically compatible and fit the pipette properly, enabling the user to carry out experiments with ease. Users should refrain from investing in low quality pipette tips as they might not be chemically compatible.  

The filter pipette tips, also known as the aerosol barrier tips, serve the basic purpose of protecting your pipettes from aerosols and aspirating volatile or viscous solutions, avoiding contamination and damage of the pipette. The filter tips are pre-sterilized and are DNase/RNase-free, and are fitted inside the proximal part of the tip. 

Filter tips serve two main purposes – they protect the pipette from the aerosol and protect the sample from the aerosol.

Due to the functionality of the filtered tips, they are highly valuable for ultrasensitive applications like Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). The filter barrier prevents any cross-contamination by eliminating the chances of carrying over the sample from the pipette, giving the user robust results.

Filter tips also aid in carrying out proper studies by new researchers. More often than not, new lab members accidentally aspirate the reagent directly into the pipette, resulting in the contamination of the pipette. To avoid this, filter tips should be fitted to the pipettes as it is more cost-effective if one has to just discard the tip rather than send the pipette for repair.

Standard Tips vs Filter Tips

Laboratories commonly use the standard pipette tips for a wide range of purposes. They can fulfil varying performance requirements like high accuracy and reagent dispensing with greater tolerance. However, a standard pipette tip may not have low-retention which in turn leads to cross-contamination. But, as established in the beginning, filter tips eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, making its use suitable for sensitive applications like clinical diagnostics. 

Filter tips are also designed to prevent the formation of small particles, liquid or solid, known as aerosols. This is a big advantage as aerosols remain in the air for long durations and can be inhaled by lab users causing infections. 

Application of Filter Tips in COVID-19 Testing

With the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic increasing with every passing day, it has become crucial to effectively test people for the virus. For the detection of such high-stake and critical diseases, pathologists have to make sure that the sample and the testing equipment is not contaminated by the virus, hence filter pipette tips are the best option.

The FDA approved COVID-19 tests utilize a kind of PCR technology to measure the RNA instead of the DNA. The presence of the disease is detected by the RNA purified from the sample. And, to reduce the risk of aerosol-based contamination, only filter pipette tips can be used. As the current situation is alarming, one cannot risk the chances of getting false readings. If by any chance, the sample gets contaminated, the subsequent copies become inaccurate leading to an incorrect diagnosis. 

As there are a large number of samples that need to be tested rapidly and effectively, testing centres have been directed by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to use filter pipette tips. This eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between the samples and also keeps the lab personnel and equipment safe from contamination.

Due to the ever-increasing cases of COVID-19 and a high testing rate, testing centres are in a dire need of bulk quantities of quality filter pipette tips. Microlit has a reputation for being reliable and providing quality lab instruments & equipment. As a customer-centric organisation, we are fully stocked with filter tips and ready to serve your needs.

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